Half a Day to Happiness –  Inspiring & relaxing half day courses for 2018

with Kelsang Drima

From 2.00pm until 4.45pm
Cost: £15 with afternoon tea

VENUE: Kalpa Bhadra Kadampa Buddhist Centre

How to Meditate

Saturday 22 September | 2 – 4.45pm | £15 with afternoon tea | with Kelsang Drima

The actual way to make ourselves peaceful and happy is meditation. Only meditation can give us the lasting happiness that we long for, because in meditation we actually train our mind to focus on what is beneficial.

In this course, Kelsang Drima will teach us how by developing such a peaceful mind, we can be happier ourselves, and really benefit others.

  • Learn the practical steps of how to meditate
  • Connect with your potential for mental peace and well-being 
  • Overcome stress and anxiety, through finding a reliable method for gaining happiness


Staying Positive

Saturday 24 November | 2 – 4.45pm | £15 with afternoon tea | with Kelsang Drima

People often talk about ‘staying positive’ – but what does that really mean when there are so many difficulties in the world and in our life?

In this course Kelsang Drima will talk about how we can have a realistic positive mind, based on Buddhist wisdom – not hiding from difficulties, but learning to transform them to help us become a happier, wiser person.

  • Meditations for changing your mind into peace
  • Learn to use mindfulness to remember your positive intentions 
  • Develop and keep a warm heart and friendly feeling

The Teacher

Kelsang Drima has been teaching meditation and Buddhism for  many years and has recently completed the Intensive Teacher Training Course at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre, Cumbria. She teaches in a way which is easy to understand and practice and which touches the heart.


For more information contact:
epc@meditatenorthwales.com or call 01492 878778