Half a Day to Happiness –  Inspiring & relaxing half day courses for 2018

with Gen Kelsang Oden

From 2.00pm until 4.45pm
Cost: £15 with a delicious High Tea

VENUE: Kalpa Bhadra Kadampa Buddhist Centre

How to Meditate ~ Saturday March 24

With familiarity, we can train our mind through meditation, so that we gain greater inner control. By doing this, we can come to focus our mind single-pointedly on inspiring objects of meditation.

In this course, Gen Kelsang Oden will teach us the methods we need to start to control our mind, in order to gain inner balance and calm.

  • Learn the benefits of meditation and how to begin your practice
  • Simple, powerful techniques which you can use in daily life
  • Opportunities to try meditation and advice on how to improve


Be the Calm in the Storm ~ Saturday May 19

By changing our attitude to difficult circumstances, we can transform them into sources of growth and inspiration. Learn how to stop stress getting the better of you and how to keep a calm & clear mind all the time.

  • Powerful methods to recognise, reduce and eliminate stress
  • Learn the real causes of stress and how we can prevent them arising
  • Strategies to transform adverse conditions into causes of happiness


For more information contact:
epc@meditatenorthwales.com or call 01492 878778