VENUE –  Barnardo’s Flintshire Services 82-84 High Street, CH7 1BJ



Mondays SEPTEMBER 2, 9, 16

7- 8:30 pm

£6 / class or book in advance for the whole course for a discount!

Learn to become happy and confident, free from anxiety

On this series of classes we will explore how practising meditation causes our mind to become calm and positive. We will explore practical methods for letting go of worries and anxiety during our every day lives so we can develop a more confident and positive approach to life’s difficulties.

Week 1 – Calming the mind with meditation

Week 2 – Letting go of worries and anxiety

Week 3 – Developing real confidence



Mondays OCTOBER 7, 14, 21 – Booking coming soon

7 – 8:30pm

£6/class or book in advance for a course discount

Learn how to cultivate happiness from within – even when things go wrong.

We all have the power to be happy, we just need to learn how to think ourselves happy

Week 1 – healing anger and frustration with acceptance

Week 2 – reducing craving and restlessness with contentment

Week 3 – letting go of loneliness and resentment with gratitude

Everyone is welcome to this Meditation Course. You can drop in or book the whole course in advance.

Each week you will learn ancient wisdom perfect for solving the problems of modern times.

  • Meditations suitable for everyone
  • Practical advice on how to keep a happy mind in difficult circumstances
  • Mindfulness to improve the power of your meditation

The teacher will encourage you to think about your own practical experience to increase your happiness, by developing positive states of mind, such as patient acceptance and cherishing love, invaluable in helping us solve our daily problems.

These classes encourage you to use daily life in the most meaningful way, by transforming ordinary experiences into the path to inner peace and happiness, through meditation and practical wisdom. Classes include:

  • two guided meditations
  • a short talk on how to keep a peaceful mind in daily life
  • a chance to ask questions

Gen Kelsang Leksang is an ordained Buddhist nun who has been studying and teaching under the guidance of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for over 16 years. She has been appointed by Venerable Geshe-la as the Resident Teacher of Kalpa Bhadra Kadampa Buddhist Centre. Gen Leksang teaches from her experience of practicing Buddha’s teachings in every day life which makes them very accessible and relevant to everyone. She is appreciated for her kind and joyful approach and her sincere example.

What is Modern Buddhism? Modern Buddhism is a transformative meditation programme rooted in the thousand-year-old lineage of Kadampa Buddhism.  It is presented for each and every person in order to help them practically solve their problems and reach their potential for lasting inner peace.

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