VENUE –  Barnardo’s Flintshire Services, 82-84 High Street, CH7 1BH

(which can be accessed from Griffith’s Square Car Park NOT the Barnardo’s Shop)

Healing overthinking and worry

February 24 March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 (6 weeks)

On this series of meditation classes, we will explore the different parts of our mind and how they affect our mental state. By learning to understand how our mind works and how it functions to give rise to worry, stress and overthinking, we can learn to reduce these habits and replace them with more constructive states of mind.
Week 1 – Change your mind – change your life – What is the mind?
week 2 – Calming the mind – Feelings – how to work with emotions constructively
week 3 – Healing negativity – Choose to see the positive
Week 4 – Create the life you want – The Power of intention
Week 5 – Take the power out of worry – The Power of attention
Week 6 – Protect your mind – Letting go of thoughts that harm
This six week course will explain how to grow our peaceful states of mind that make us happy.
We will explore how to meditate in great depth. Giving you the tools and the power to be happy.
Everybody welcome.
Book the series online and get one class free. Or just pay as you go.

Everyone is welcome to this Meditation Course. You can drop in or book the whole course in advance.

Classes include:

  • two guided meditations
  • a short talk on how to keep a peaceful mind in daily life
  • a chance to ask questions

What is Modern Buddhism? Modern Buddhism is a transformative meditation programme rooted in the thousand-year-old lineage of Kadampa Buddhism.  It is presented for each and every person in order to help them practically solve their problems and reach their potential for lasting inner peace.

For more details contact: or call 01492 878778