A special fasting and purification practice 

In this practice we engage in the the chanted meditation practice of Thousand Armed Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion, called ‘Drop of Essential Nectar’. You will understand more about the special qualities of this enlightened being, and how he can help you, through the practice.

On each day, before the break of dawn (at 6.30am) we begin by taking the eight Mahayana precepts according to the prayer booklet entitled A Pure Life. This is to help us to keep a pure mind, by keeping pure moral discipline.

  • On the first day, we will abstain from all meals apart from lunch
  • On the second day, we engage in a complete fast, abstaining from all food and drink for twenty-four hours
  • Those who are unable to engage in a complete fast can participate in the sessions on the second day, provided they take the eight Mahayana precepts on that day.

On both days, we do three sessions of the chanted meditation practice of Thousand Armed Avalokiteshvara called, ‘Drop of Essential Nectar’.

  • Sessions include chanted meditation and physical prostrations

You can engage in prostrations at whichever level suits you physically – you can do full length prostrations, half prostrations or simply prostrating with hands together at your heart. We prostrate for around fifteen minutes: please consider which method is suitable to your physical health. We can give you instructions on how to prostrate if required. This is a powerful and beautiful purification practice.