A meditation retreat is an opportunity to step away from your normal life and activities, and focus on what is really meaningful

Healing ourself and others

2nd – 3rd November

With Gen Leksang

A special opportunity to receive the healing blessings of Medicine Buddha and to engage in a one day retreat.

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Letting Go of the Past

Vajrasattva Purification retreat

7th – 8th December

10.30am-3.30pm (Saturday and Sunday)

With Resident Teacher Gen Leksang

Cost -£15 morning only (with lunch) £20 one day, £30 whole weekend

Teaching and meditations on the practice of Purification

Session times – Saturday and Sunday:




Heart Jewel – 5-6pm (optional unguided prayer session)

In this guided retreat, we will explore how we can actively let go of the past by engaging in special meditation practices that purify our mind. Our actions of the past affect our present experiences. So often we find ourselves trapped in unhelpful habits and guilt and find it difficult to move on from the past and really change. By practising purification we can begin to create the life that we really want and discover our limitless potential for peace. 

On this course and retreat we will be engaging in the practice of purification in conjunction with the practice of Vajrasattva. In this special practice, we will learn how by visualising living Buddha Vajrasattva and by applying 4 special methods, we can let go of the heavy burden of negative karma we have accumulated over many lifetimes and find true peace and freedom within.

Saturday 10.30am-1pm will provide a teaching on purification practice in conjunction with Vajrasattva and can be attended as a stand alone class if you wish.


Each day will include opportunities to relax in the breaks and enjoy delicious refreshments, lunch or enjoy a walk along the beach.

Attend a day or the whole weekend, or just a session, and enjoy being taken on a journey to discover the power and beauty of your own mind.

Accommodation options are available, please e-mail the centre for details. Attend the whole retreat, a day, half a day or just a session.